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This is something I need to come back to during lunch today. https://pudding.cool/2022/02/plain/

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Okay, checking this out now. Overall, this is a superb piece about language. I'm still reading Because Internet by Gretchen McCulloch and this reminds me a lot of her work.

Some things I wish it highlighted:

  • The use of language to hide access from those who don't grok things when it comes to the Web (or just media—like there's a difference between manslaughter and murder and I only found out a few days ago)!
  • I love this bit — “There is so much implied in how we write, and plain language should aim to make the implicit more explicit.” This is something I need to work on myself, and I wonder if it's an attribute at being good at either communicating or writing.
  • Black-box solutions meant to work for the masses can't do their job. The masses need the ability to review, adapt and configure said solutions. Things like that is why the Lexile Framework for Reading is trash from that short demo.

The Pudding is also a very interesting site! Definitely subscribing to see more from them.

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