Manton has a book that's available online and as print at Been reading and noticing a lot of things that are cyclic when it comes to the IndieWeb space.

Namely, getting from “I need a Website to be on the IndieWeb” to “I use this as my presence online”. Hosting is a solved problem, but it requires quite a bit of investment up front and the funds to hold down things for people. I still think we require some sort of “linting” tool for sites to make sure they at least allow for some baseline discovery and interoperability. Angelo's working on something like this but not completely. I might end up doing this to help people onboard when they use Lwa but it'd also help to explain what can get you into an app before using it. Or at least interoperating with other sites and apps. A bit of the XMPP problem, but at least there's a registry and a way to check your implementation for support via

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