Reading and I'm wondering how this could be improved for things like the IndieWeb. Granted, there's a weird notion that in order to “join the IndieWeb” that you need to add yourself to, which helps for sure with the distributed chat that's hosted at, but it's not a requirement. But without something like, then it's nigh impossible to interface with the ledger of the IndieWeb, its Wiki. It's where the community keeps its “permanent” record. Granted, it's not difficult to add IndieAuth support to a site whose HTML you can edit and some silos to serve as an identity warden. But I always how much easier we can make it for people.

Getting back to the point, the IndieWeb doesn't really have a mission of “world domination” - which I think is good. But it does make advocacy a bit more difficult since it does require upfront re-programming (literally and mental) and potentially a complete reconfiguration of what it means to be online in a social way. Outside of tools meant to be used by many people like and, you'd be hard-pressed to find something that works to increase the number of sticky IndieWeb members.

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