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IndieWebCamp Popup: Displaying Responses

<p><strong>Incorporating aesthetics and functionality for displaying responses and quotes from other sites on our websites. (Less about the technical how-to, more about interpersonal considerations and user-friendly styling.)</strong> Some ideas:</p><br><br><ul><br><li>how to display homepage mentions</li><br><li>how to style webmentions (e.g. do you want posts from people you know to show up differently?)</li><br><li>how to display a blogroll</li><br><li>how to style 'quotes' for different post kinds</li><br></ul><br><br><p>We could also discuss the "should we" side of backfeed, which has come up in chat recently.</p><br><br><p>All are welcome!</p><br><br><p>Facilitated by: Tracy Durnell (tracydurnell in chat)</p><br><br><h2>Tentative Schedule (all times Pacific):</h2><br><br><p>9:30-9:40 | Welcome and introductions<br><br>9:40-9:50 | Decide what we want to talk about<br><br>9:50-10:40 | Discussion<br><br>10:40-10:45 | Bio break + take a picture (optional)<br><br>10:45-11:25 | Discussion<br><br>11:25-11:30 | Wrap-up</p><br><br><h2>Resources</h2><br><br><ul><br><li>hashtag: #DisplayingResponses</li><br><li><a href="https://chat.indieweb.org/indieweb/">IndieWeb Chat Room</a> - or <a href="https://indieweb.org/discuss">other ways to join the chat</a></li><br><li>Etherpad: <a href="https://etherpad.indieweb.org/DisplayingResponses-Popup">https://etherpad.indieweb.org/DisplayingResponses-Popup</a> (for real time chat, questions, and note taking during the session)</li><br><li>Code of Conduct: This event is covered by the <a href="https://indieweb.org/code-of-conduct">IndieWeb Code of Conduct</a>. By participating, you're acknowledging your acceptance of this code.</li><br></ul><br><br><p><em>What's an IndieWeb Popup?</em><br>Since the pause on in-person meetups, we've done online Indie Web Camps and Homebrew Website Clubs. We've also started having a new type of event called a popup: a single IWC session as a standalone event.</p><br><br><h2>RSVP (optional)</h2><br><br><p>If your website supports it, post an <a href="https://indieweb.org/rsvp">indie RSVP</a> to this event.<br><br>Or, <a href="https://events.indieweb.org/login">log in to indieweb.org</a> and click “I'm Going” below.<br><br>(And if none of this means anything to you, don't worry about it; just show up on the day!)</p>
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Very interested in this as I'm still working on getting Lighthouse up to speed - hopefully even having a demo.