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I liked the following: ↷

My Reading Stack

[M]y “Boring Reading Stack” uses Instapaper and my Kindle as the primary services to read content. […] My RSS reader of choice is Feedbin. […] The RSS feed of all my starred items is [piped] through IFTTT to Instapaper.

—Stefan Zweifel, Boring Reading Stack

Here’s mine:

  • I still read off either a smartphone screen or computer monitor

  • I’m using an RSS reader I built myself—well, it’s kind of a fork of Aperture meets Monocle, but quite different—and doubles as a read-it-later app

  • I don’t do newsletters, ’cept those that offer RSS, of course

I used to also use wallabag, a read-it-later app that bypasses cookie walls and such, and that I’d set up to sign into paid-subscription sites on my behalf, but I’ve found I no longer need it.

I’ve set up my RSS reader to fetch those paid articles instead, and I can send it random articles, too, using Micropub and a bookmarklet (or Indigenous on mobile). The way it works is I use those to create (private) “read” posts in my site’s CMS, which then adds, again through Micropub, the actual articles to my reader.

This is less of a hassle than it may sound: Indigenous, for instance, is already tied to my CMS (through IndieAuth—think “Sign in with Twitter,” but with your very own site instead).

Anyway, I’ve only got to host a single app anymore, and one that runs on just about any shared hosting platform at that!

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