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The Black ruling class exist to keep Black people quiet. Not safe, or protected — but quiet. No dissent, no protesting — only joy! Dance in the streets; you have nohing to worry about. We've been through worse! No one's had the Emmet Till magazine spread for decades! BE HAPPY AND DANCE!

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Reading https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00064246.2010.11728709 as an overlay of the Civl Rights Movement; the State reacted to its internal colonies of Black, Indigineous and other identities of colonizations (because we didn't have to call ourselves Black, Indigineous or what have you prior to this — it's all in relation to white America) by uplifting those who were willing to defend the State, giving therm more opporunities and flipping the narrative to be a positive one.

No wonder people like Obama, despite all of the violence he supported before, during and after his office as a corporate favorite, were so revered. Or even Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders with their tag teaming on the Crime Bills. Or Hillary Clinton despite her (and many others) supporting continued violence to foreign countries who had resources (MENA for oil, Haiti for bauxite, Panama for trade) — this union was formed to maintain their colonial rule and pay its supporters for as long as possible.

We got passed the placebo nature of electoral politics with no direct means of making change (to influence who's President, you need to control the opinions of mayors, senators and the other members of the electoral college - the people can override the vote of the public, as in the case of the election of Trump). We need to shake it and plant actual roots with community, reject the State and care for us.

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