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It looks like 2023 is my year of moving deeper into reading because despite my want to not buy another book, I managed to acquire ten and looking at this list, that might increase even more, lol. https://www.anarchistfederation.net/ecosocialist-bookshelf-march-2023/

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One book that jumps out at me is this one https://bookshop.org/p/books/the-war-against-the-commons-dispossession-and-resistance-in-the-making-of-capitalism/18909811?ean=9781685900168. The commons as a concept (and how I understand it) has changed from solely being a physical, central space to something that could be defined as a library, school and even a church but now spread out since people don't need to give "one authority" the truth of what a "commons" should (or could) hold. This fights heavily against platform capitalism (i.e.: Amazon, Apple, et al) because they can't define what's worthy to be held or promoted — communities get to dictate that (to varying degrees).

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