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I replied to the following: ↷

Of course the first form of AI music that comes across my feeds is one poorly parodying a mainstream Black artist. https://twitter.com/hiphoph0f/status/1640119947119427586. This AI shit is going to truly cheapen everything, create "content noise faucets" and frankly, I can't see how this isn't a way to nudge pricing for "organic, human-made" content. Damn it.

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Not lost on me the background of this poster and the promotion of the underlying content. Fucking Christ, this is bad. https://twitter.com/rpnickson/status/1639813074176679938. I wish more people understood how much trust people do have in stuff and how, if not informed, they won't be able to tell the immediate difference (especially if you're not already familiar with the original content).

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