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Because it's dangerous to move without paying attention to what others are doing, I'm hate-watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTxE9KV3YrE mainly to parse out what are new "talking points" that are debunkable because I keep hearing new things w.r.t crypto coming out those not normally plugged into it.

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Not even thirty minutes in (had to stop), but it's clear that they're aware of other people are doing, with mentions of ActivityPub and SSB. Not surprising given the proliferation (and usability of working software). But there's a consideration by Baliji that existing systems are already legacy (and legacy because they don't move over a blockchain or some sort of PoS or PoW system, which, okay, I guess).

I thought this would be worthwhile. Maybe because it's a video because I can't really parse video for non-entertainment purposes - I zone out.

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