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I hope y'all are understanding that CNN is right wing cosplaying as center now. There's way more important things to report on than that man — I haven't watched it (I don't dignify my time with State propaganda anymore) and I'm hoping y'all stop investing in outlets that do not give a fuck about y'all too.

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Being "center" is no different from being right in this country (or in the world, frankly). You can't maintain the status quo without continuing the harm the status quo causes to people. Behavior and declarations like that are what people would refer to as "covert X" (where X would be sexism, transmisogyny (and transmisandry), racism, classism - all the -ism that stems from global white supremacy and hegemonic patriarchy).

(NGL, four years ago, I would have to look up each of those words, so I'm happy to define them once globally, if that means you'd be working to help dismantle them).

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