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@ch0ccyra1n@emeraldsocial.org @jalcine@todon.eu It doesn't. That's the problem. The ActivityPub spec isn't actually complete in the sense that you could just implement it and have a working app when you're done. These gaps have to be filled somehow, and mastodon is the app that got critical mass at the right time to make everyone else follow their lead.
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I know there's interest in making it more decentralized using DIDs but that seemed to be dominated by crypto folks. I'm resisting speaking on a project because it's still in pre-alpha, but if more client Mastodon apps played with other storage formats for posts, we might be able to slowly move people away from requiring WebFinger by default.

But I agree, some base system for this needs to be defined (and frankly, I'm tempted to promote something like the rel=me approach, a JSON file that's looked for or even as a child tag in the HTML of the URL being looked up, something friendly to static systems).

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