I'm Jacky Alciné .

♋ My pronouns are he/him/his currently residing in Florida, USA.

I'm a backend software engineer at Eden Health that has an interest in the ethically decentralized Web and is working on prototypes of said projects. I'm an active participant of the IndieWeb, contributing software and services towards the goal of a Web that's more centered around people.

I'm also discoverable on Lobste.rs, GitHub, Twitter, Twitch, Kickstarter, CrowdSupply, W3C, Coolors, StackOverflow and its friends, Last.FM and via instant messaging over open protocols and platforms like Jabber, Secure Scuttlebutt, Mastodon (todon.eu), Matrix, micro.blog or IRC.

I like to use services like Duolingo, Steam, Itch. I'm working on phasing this out but I do have a XBox Live account as well.

Press, Presentations & Publications

I've made a number of appearances in media outlets of various sizes.