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Beyond Webmentions: A Popup


With the upcoming event, I decided to publish a soft agenda for the event. I'd like people to read it over — let me know when you do!

It started from a random discussion in #indieweb-dev, probably in reaction to more people talking about Webmention. Usually, those conversations end up mentioning a few things like Vouch and how @aaronpk's instance of webmention.io. I haven't used a service for handling Webmentions in some time since I've brought it into my own site.

However, if you're just getting started in the IndieWeb, not really interested in building Webmention support to your sites or just want to toy around with it - the most nomimal options are @aaronpk's post on having a DIY endpoint or webmention. There's also the venerable webmention.app by @rem but it does require a bit more plumbing — excellent for developers but not the friendliest for users who just want to use something.

Thankfully, the IndieWeb community has a nature of doing a lot of meetups. One that's noteworthy to this post is the upcoming one around Webmentions. There's quite a few topics that'll be brought up like:

  • Recommendations on what to store about Webmentions
  • Handling status reporting of a Webmention
  • Fetching stored Webmentions, a personal interest!

I write about this in hopes that people consider some of the topics mentioned and — when the popup's done — that other people consider new ideas and approach for and around Webmention so we can continue to have one of the more popular community standards proliferate!

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