Made lots of changes to my site's parts this evening. Most of it is to lean more on protocols to get me what I need. Eventually, this site would essentially become a feed renderer of the content I store in my Micropub server (and other places). Very exciting.

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Definitely need to figure out this bug that's happening when I try to hit some parts of the p3k suite of tools. That's no good. But also subtle incentive for me to work on my own implementations!

A next step is to have my theme 'auto-deploy' to my site. I think I'll have to write a custom script for this and have a token that has the ability to push it for now. Adding that functionality to Shock directly would require a bit too much work right now.

I updated both Shock and Koype so now categories can be paginated, which makes them into feeds! Now to actually generate feeds (like RSS and the like) instead of using Granary