I've been spending about an hour a day or so working on my side projects. Right now, I got some great logic going for Lighthouse to take in and send Webmentions. But I just need an interface for it. I'm also working on serializing the tests described at webmention.rocks into the Rust library for IndieWeb, so I can be assured that anything using is compliant. I've also added some 'extension'-like logic, so it can support private Webmentions and Vouch (to a degree, I want to add some logic for handling Vouch resolution). With Lighthouse, I want to make it as simple as providing your RSS or Atom feed to Lighthouse and going from there - Webmentions should be automatically sent. Receiving them would be just adding a line of HTML to your site. I'm thinking about sneaking in a link that represents the endpoint but, when rendered as HTML on request, provide a form to submit Webmentions. And a tool to detect if a site supports Webmentions.