"I'm not going to beat around the bush here. There are only a few products over the past few years that have made me genuinely this excited. Foldable phones are one, the Steam Deck is another, and now, it's the Framework Laptop."
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Books to read from the Lead Dev 2022 conference

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This nails the problem of AI art for me.

I think those who say that there will always be a demand for bespoke art severely underestimate just how many people will choose saving money over paying for talent every time.
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it's a tough time out there in general in tech (and elsewhere tbh), but this seems like a noticeable spike in crypto compared to what we've been seeing over the past year. not to mention noteworthy that three of these companies had already done substantial layoffs
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It's not hard to see that a lot of "progress" in the US is cosmetic only. It's new flooring, paint and furniture in a house that needed to have the foundation replaced. Little fixes have been made, but centuries of deep, structural rot has never been rooted out.
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The first AI model? Shudu is made and modeled in the same exact program I use. Where does it say that sheโ€™s the first AI model? Your reservations about Cameron are definitely wanted but Iโ€™m not understanding how she equates to AI when she was made in Daz Studio and ZBrush.
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Working on some refactoring for Koype. Before, I'd pass the token all the way through methods, which made me a bit uncomfortable. Now I do some resolution of the token (asserting expected access) and now I use that serialized form as how things can be rendered. Need to make sure things like generation information don't break, heh.