NGL, even though I know CA: NWO is supposed to be set up for Secret Invasion, I STILL FEEL it's kinda wild that they're using the phrase "NEW WORLD ORDER" and Disney ... kinda operates like that w.r.t media and entertainment... for a hundred years now.

I didn't grow up with a lot of Nintendo games - most I played via a friend (and as I got older, emulation on my Nexus 4 really helped out). I did miss out on things like Mario, Zelda and the like. If I had to start Zelda from the "beginning", how should I do it? Don't worry about game availability.

My next book will be “Practical Math for Programmers”

tl;dr: I’m writing a new book, sign up for the announcements mailing list. I’ve written exactly zero new technical blog posts this year because I’ve been spending all my writing e…
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This has to be the year that I actually stick to my divestment. Like from all the venues of entertainment that explicitly defend things that would either work to kill me or defend the notion of it (like the US military, namely). Can't do anything about the past, but have to work to make the future better while enjoying today.

Are you going to check out @GDoCExpo next week? One of the founders we’re working with is presenting. They’re perspective on an established genre has drastically changed!
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Oh, shoot, I am! I'll keep an eye out for this talk; thank you fr fr!

Yeah, me too! But a big part of the journey of an indie game developer is the same as any other creative field:

Why are you making games? Is it part of your income? Is the game more important that developing a sustainable studio? What’s your ultimate goal as a studio head?
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Very good questions (and tbh, ones I think I should keep answered from a linkable spot).