When one interacts with Shock asking for

on posts, it returns the page as Microformats JSON. I found this useful for quick testing but also plan to add it to Lighthouse to get a site's preferred Microformats JSON if they've provided parsing to save doing so on my side.

One can run curl -H 'Accept: application/mf2+json' https://jacky.wtf/2022/11/GxDN and get the following output:


As expected. https://restofworld.org/2022/twitter-will-fail-under-musk/

","value":"As expected. https://restofworld.org/2022/twitter-will-fail-under-musk/"}],"generator":[{"properties":{"logo":[{"alt":"Quill","src":"https://quill.p3k.io/images/quill-logo-144.png"}],"name":["Quill"],"photo":[{"alt":"Quill","src":"https://quill.p3k.io/images/quill-logo-144.png"}],"url":["https://quill.p3k.io/"]},"type":["h-app","h-x-app","h-cite"],"value":"https://quill.p3k.io/"}],"post-status":["published"],"published":["2022-11-15T01:23:33Z"],"syndication":[{"id":"syrt_3177","properties":{"status":["completed"],"syndicator":[{"properties":{"name":["Twitter"],"uid":["urn:koype:syndicator:sytg_d3ee3c5112765be7"],"url":["https://brid.gy/publish/twitter"]},"type":["h-syndicator","h-card"],"value":"https://brid.gy/publish/twitter"}],"url":["https://twitter.com/jackyalcine/status/1592327479196262401"]},"type":["h-cite"],"value":"https://twitter.com/jackyalcine/status/1592327479196262401"},{"id":"syrt_3178","properties":{"status":["completed"],"syndicator":[{"properties":{"name":["@jalcine@todon.eu"],"uid":["urn:koype:syndicator:sytg_dDXu"],"url":["https://brid.gy/publish/mastodon"]},"type":["h-syndicator","h-card"],"value":"https://brid.gy/publish/mastodon"}],"url":["https://todon.eu/@jalcine/109345205873077689"]},"type":["h-cite"],"value":"https://todon.eu/@jalcine/109345205873077689"}],"url":["https://jacky.wtf/2022/11/GxDN"],"visibility":["public"]},"type":["h-entry"]}],"rel-urls":{},"rels":{}}

If we go with the third option, I'd be slightly pressing the suggestion to parsers to allow for an option to restrict any of the `h-` values to be ones that can represent known values, namely those with defined specifications

This could be an evolving list, which is already done with Micropub extensions and new specifications of objects themselves. This also could break backcompat with those parsers that fallback to being a h-entry or the like, but I see that as very unlikely.

Is there a version of Mastodon that is small enough to run on @Replit?

Feels like we'd truly have something interesting with a cloud of micro-federated blogs/timeline sites that people can truly own/manage and play around with....
byTom Critchlow • posted archived copycurrent

There's https://microblog.pub/ which can give you that (and a lot more with less resource utilization). Big bonus is that you could keep your site as your means to interact with Mastodon.

Heydon (@heydon@mastodon.social)

@thomasfuchs @fildon@mastodon.lol I'm not pretending people don't write the technology. But the technology, as you put it, propagates the bias. And that's what makes the difference.
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Indeed. And if we're making tools to carry messages, we have to be looking into how these tools can either reinforce or minimize what the wielder determines to be good or bad. Historically, technology HAS moved in favor of maximizing the ills of people and hiding the well-meaning parts of it. This can't just be an objective thing because technology is used subjectively.

Michael Huntington :macos: (@mikey@neovibe.app)

@jalcine@todon.eu In Atlanta we have this: https://blackistechconference.com/
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Interesting suggestion, but this rings to be more like https://afrotech.com/ which I'm trying to avoid; it's focusing on reeling more Black people to be against community building and pro-wealth hoarding from the look of those talsk.

I love mine so much!!
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Me too! I wish I knew more about hardware, I'd love to experiment with squeezing a GSM modem into one of the slots or even like adding a exposed hub of extra USB-C slots. The options go on and on!

The work that @CWAUnion does is doubly amazing as I'm reading Overtime; strongly suggest reading it at https://bookshop.org/p/books/overtime-why-we-need-a-shorter-working-week-kyle-lewis/13842714 and then looking to organize your workplace. It's about you AND your coworkers AND their families AND their communities. This helps and lifts everyone.

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Dang, I finished this already, lol. It's (only, to me) a hundred pages, but I'm even more emboldened by it and have a lot of things to research.