Worth understanding our actual research on deplatforming before judging:

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I have (and read that too beforehand) and that's what even reinforced my stance. The queer folks who helped build alternative worlds knew and understood the importance of being able to control what one sees. I would probably have experienced even more vitriol in 2015 if I was on such a platform.

If you're promoting things of the #web3 world (like crypto, DAOs, etc); I'm rejecting follow requests and indefinitely blocking you. We have too much information debunking its "merits" and too much to be digging capitalism into them. We have to be breaking OUT, not locking ourselves in.

Has anyone ever used @minds ? If so, what are your opinions?
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Tried it a few times and it didn't pass my personal bar on content management (controlling who can see what on a per-post basis) or moderation (aka it doesn't exist). Would be better off on Mastodon, tbh.

I have learned a lot about people in the e-mails who obviously had the same idea, are super capable and are working on it. I don't necessarily want to count out Bluesky but we need to make sure we're focused on plurality AND interoperability. Having multiple options will allow us (communities who use social networking) to be resilient.

JSON Changelog with SQLite

One of my favourite database challenges is how to track changes to rows over time. This is a neat recipe from 2018 which uses SQLite triggers and the SQLite JSON …
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Except all those seriously-unfortunate H1-B employees that won’t have a choice but to get ground to dust in the new “hardcore” Twitter
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IMO, The ACLU needs to get involved. This is borderline forced labor (work or be deported in a few months, provided you can't find another sponsor).

Trying to figure out why this configuration for a Fly.io config file (source: https://git.jacky.wtf/indieweb/sele/src/branch/feature/implement-setup-flow/fly.toml) isn't allowing it to resolve when I try to connect to its URL at https://proud-pine-6165.fly.dev. Gonna post on the forums too but asking out here for anyone knowledgeable.

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I'm starting to think I have a bug with Sele versus me not doing this configuration right.

This is something I'm running into now myself and I'm having to resort to using

#[serde(alias = "oneWord")] to allow fields like 
to be seen as
. Pretty undesirable, but it works.

In this vein, though probably not possible, if we could get config to know what kind of env to fill a field with in maybe some sort of more custom deserialization, that'd could allow people to specify the full env string a field could match to.