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I'm readily open to communications on most topics. Use the form below to send me a message or schedule some time on my calendar to talk.

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When it comes to scheduling time, Catt Small's post is something to keep in mind.

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Pre-Contact Questionnaire

Before hitting that button below, there's some things you should consider that'd help ensure I respond to your message in a timely fashion.

  1. Have I answered it before? Search my blog using the fields at the top or bottom of the site. Chances are if I've answered it on my site, I'll give a short description and link you to that post. I'd want you to have the most relevant answer!
  2. Is it a mutual exchange for help? Optimal situations for knowledge exchange happens when both parties have something to contribute. However, if this is more of a "teaching" opportunity for me to you, I'd suggest switching it to a consulting kind of question (I do this with your consent once I've noticed said behavior).
  3. What's your mission? As much I love talking ears off about specs, standards and history; I'm not here to be your library. I'm a human being and I aim for you to treat me the way you expect to be treated.
  4. You look familiar! Not only do I see a lot of people on a regular basis, they also tend to be new and I almost instantaneously forget them. It's not them — it's genuinely me. However, if you know that we've met once before — say it! I'll be more likely to respond and reach out. Even reference people we might have in common — it'll help reinforce the mental ties.