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I really enjoy showing people things that I'm passionate about. One medium I found that allows for an immediate feedback loop is via talks. I also attend events as a key participant, panelist or some role of that nature.


I don't have any upcoming talks at the moment. Let's talk more if you're organizing or have one in mind.


I've given presentations at SXSW and WaffleJS and attended panels on behalf of YesWeCode. So far, I'm clocking at 7 events that I've been a part of.

I'm open for engagements. Want me at your next event? Learn how.

SSL, We Used to Know You
A quick recap into the history of SSL and its evolution into TLS.
Good For PoC - Initial Launch
The inaugural launch of GoodForPoc to the world.
Vim Gawd
A WaffleJS talk of a primer into getting Vim up and going.
SMS 2FA Take Down: Investigating 2FA and Its Ramifications
A talk about the weakness of SMS in the MFA flow.
Good For PoC - West Coast Panel
A panel discussion around diversity, gentrification and tech.
Bay Area Black Designers
A panel discussion about being Black in the tech industry.
SXSW 2016 - Algorithm Bias
A panel discussion about examples and implications of racial bias propagated in public data systems.