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There’s a few things that tend to land in my inbox a lot. To help future submissions get higher response rates, I’ve provided this page.

Scheduling Time

When it comes to scheduling time, “Coffee” by @cattsmall is an excellent reference point.

For ease of management, I use Calendly to handle calendar appointments and/or window of times at which people wish to reach out. Feel free to book time with me for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Location Matters

My general availability is tight - I juggle a lot during the day (and night). Eagerness to meet in San Francisco during the weekdays or in Oakland over the weekend heightens the chances of the meeting happening sooner than later.

Brief Me

The more about what you want that you tell me in advance, the more useful I can be to you. The objective is to reach a point of mutual prosperity. Help me help you. If you think that your question might be generic or out there, there’s a chance that I’ve answered it in my FAQ. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Press Request

Information about myself and press details are available, without having to reach me, at my Press page. Anything in deeper detail should be sent using my contact form.


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