My Gear

Here lies a page that's meant to label the things that I own and use to do the stuff that I like doing like writing software or take pictures. I don't take as many pictures as I'd like for display. That's a simple fix: take the camera with me!


Accurate as of March 4, 2015

My Laptop

Overhead shot of the Dell XPS 14 laptop, keyboard in focus

My laptop of choice is the Dell XPS 14 with 500 GB of disk space, 32 GB SSD and a Intel i7-3537U core. With 8 GB SDDRAM3 @ 1.6 GHz, it's relatively fast and gets the job done. Bluetooth's in there as well and it has a backlit keyboard which really helps at night. It has a shoddy web camera though, only 2 megapixels. The speakers, however, are amazing (before I messed them up). They really boom despite them behind under the laptop. And they're practically invisible. A nugget of gold about this laptop? Under the bottom left corner of the keyboard, a button lights up to five LEDs, letting you know how much power's left. More useful then it should be!

My Cameras

Most of the shots I've taken come from my nifty Nikon L830 since it's mostly automatic when it comes to handling. I really just tweak ISO, white balance and focus with this camera. However, the Nikon D3200 handles a lot better, takes way better shots but requires me to fiddle with it a bit more. This might be me handling it incorrectly; we'll find out.


Update 2016-06-06

The cool kids are using track pads and what not. I not only like sticking to my mouse, I use it on the left side. I've done this for a long time (about 3 years now) and I noticed that I tend to place drinks and food to the right side and having a moving target over there was dangerous. So I invested in the Logitech M150. Best investment EVAH!

Accurate as of 2016-06-06 11:12:32 EDT

So I gave that mouse away and instead went up a few models and got the Logitech M185 in a bundle with a wireless keyboard - I had complications with my onboard keyboard and needed this until I was able to replace it.


Accurate as of 2015-01-10

Most of the files for replicating my environment is over on Github for the shell and KDE repositories.

Terminal Emulator

I spend too much time in Konsole after trying out things like FinalTerm and GNOME Terminal on Linux machines. Konsole supports more colors and is very flexible with glyph rendering. I use the Base 16 Bright color scheme for the emulator. It's not completely black in the background, but it's dark enough to be a backdrop of sorts. The typeface used is monoOne and it works really well at size 9 and comes with Powerline symbol support. konsole.png


I use Bash as my default shell. I use homeshick to set up a system of shell configuration files for neovim, git, tmux and anything else that isn't big enough to pull out into a separate repository. I use Vim as my primary text editor and like using KDE software due to its synergy.