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This page reflects a listing of the tools I use for my every day activity. This ranges from my cameras to terminal shell of choice. Good chance that you've learned here out of curiousity or because I pointed you to it. Quite frankly, this page serves as a point of reference for me whenever I have to discuss what I use on my day-to-day with people.


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My Primary Laptop

My laptop of choice is the Dell XPS 14 with 500 GB of disk space, 32 GB SSD and a Intel i7-3537U core. With 8 GB SDDRAM3 @ 1.6 GHz, a moderately decent set of cores — gets the job done. Bluetooth is in there as well and it has a backlit keyboard which really helps at night. A nugget of gold about this laptop? Under the bottom left corner of the keyboard, a button lights up to five LEDs, letting you know how much power is left.

My Cameras

Most of the shots I have taken come from my nifty Nikon L830 since it’s mostly automatic when it comes to handling. I really just tweak ISO, white balance and focus with this camera. However, the Nikon D3200 handles a lot better, takes way better shots but requires me to fiddle with it a bit more. This might be me handling it incorrectly; we’ll find out.

My Mouse

Nothing too fantastic here. I got this because it was a bit more friendly to left-handed mouse users (one of the few!) thus making it worthwhile. It doubles as my road mouse as well.


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Operating System

I’m one of those Linux purists you might have heard of. I use Android on my phone and run Linux on my laptop machine. People might call me wild, I enjoy it. I run KDE Plasma 5 on my desktop machine with the latest kernel additions (always stay up-to-date).


I try to use as much KDE tools as possible. That means me making use of the whole Akondai suite and what not. Granted, the one application I probably use the most is Konsole. After that, neovim is a tight contender.