I'm building out a new site that'll serve as me on the Web in every way. Learn more.

F&#k it, We'll Do it In Prod

Quite literally! Instead of a gradual ❛boom❜ of my site, I'm going to do it right here.

The code for my site is in a bunch of places. But it's not just my site - it's a new approach to having a ‘place’ that's accessible for anyone who has a computer or a phone capable of network connectivity! It's a combination of ideas and tools from people in the IndieWeb, Hypercore Protocol and ActivityPub communities. I don't know if it'll work but I have to try.


Right now, the static form of this site (being that it is a static site) is built using 11ty with a few plugins. The source code for that part is available at git.jacky.wtf. It's hosted on DigitalOcean using Dokku. This set up is relatively low-touch (for me) and makes it very to spin up other projects to work with my site (and life)! I use Drone to set up a suite of tasks for this site (like building every hour).


A nifty timeline to show what I've done to my site - hattip to Tatiana Mac's release notes on her site.

This is “now”! I'm currently working on a way to make this site automatically generate itself on a set of rules and conditions. I'd ideally only want to touch the source code for this part of my site if I wanted to change how it's rendered on the Web.

2021 May 11

Lots of changes! I've begun work on auxillary projects that are part of the Big Grand Vision©. The most notable one is Sele. This project is my answer to something I've noticed a lot of people run into and a bit of a painpoint in the IndieWeb community: IndieAuth. It aims to be a single binary application that one can use to self-host a IndieAuth endpoint. It's designed to support multiple users — mainly because I built this to be the ”pure“ implementation of Fortress — drop-in IndieAuth as a service. It's in a good place to put in more tests and telemetry facets into it (like Sentry integration and more statistical logging).

An unintentional but happy result of this was that I released an experimental Rust library for doing anything IndieWeb! Right now, the underpinning of the implementation are tied to specific libraries like Tokio and warp but a contribution to refactor it to be behind a feature-toggle or even some guidance on that would be great. I'd love to have the library operate as a library of algorithms and patterns and not a single point of opionionated failure.

Since this is a static site (at the time of writing), it has no real chance of interfacing with the Fediverse or anything that require any other HTTP method that isn't GET. I've put my plans to work with that space to the side for now.

2021 March

It was around this time when I finally had a big idea and wanted to work on it in the open.