I'm building out a new site that'll serve as me on the Web in every way. Learn more.

F&#k it, We'll Do it In Prod

Quite literally! Instead of a gradual ❛boom❜ of my site, I'm going to do it right here.

The code for my site is in a bunch of places. But it's not just my site - it's a new approach to having a ‘place’ that's accessible for anyone who has a computer or a phone capable of network connectivity! It's a combination of ideas and tools from people in the IndieWeb, Hypercore Protocol and ActivityPub communities. I don't know if it'll work but I have to try.


Right now, the static form of this site (being that it is a static site) is built using 11ty with a few plugins. The source code for that part is available at git.jacky.wtf. It's hosted on DigitalOcean using Dokku. This set up is relatively low-touch (for me) and makes it very to spin up other projects to work with my site (and life)! I use Drone to set up a suite of tasks for this site (like building every hour).


A nifty timeline to show what I've done to my site - hattip to Tatiana Mac's release notes on her site.

This is “now”! I'm currently working on a way to make this site automatically generate itself on a set of rules and conditions. I'd ideally only want to touch the source code for this part of my site if I wanted to change how it's rendered on the Web.

2021 March

It was around this time when I finally had a big idea and wanted to work on it in the open.