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I think that in about two months, I'll have a semi-solid solution for "atomic" forms of IndieAuth and Webmention services for people to use. They can work for one person or run as a small headless service similar to like Redis. That way, they get all of that functionality for free.

The goal is to actually create bigger "paid" services that I'd run for people using these systems. I'd proxy the requests to the underlying service and provide a more optimized interface (and use that to fund the hosting and development of these services). This is exciting for me because providing very simple building blocks of a project for free and building something on top will encourage others to spin their own take. I'll be very open to building a small index of these services and showing them on the project's homepage.

It's going to start with finishing up Lighthouse and then prepping a reboot of Lwa — this will allow for for me to build a more optimized form of Lighthouse instances and experiment with having it work in a distributed fashion. My long-term goal is to allow Lighthouse work in a lot of enviroments. I'd want to run instances of it in my home server that gets inbound from the hosted Lwa service. It'll essentially work as a proxy to the outside world. Fully allowing one to take things at their own homes (or more like on my own laptop or home system). We'll see where it goes!

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