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I've made some good progress with Lighthouse and Sele. They both have the ability to have their Web-facing assets embedded into the binaries - ranging at about 20MB when targeting release sizes and about 100MB when in debug. This development will make it simpler to ship a single binary for people to use and immediately have a working framework.

Being able to provide a single file to run that's configurable from both a file and the enviroment can drop the barrier for people hopping into the Web but it's not enough. I want to get to a point where someone can go to a place, tap a button and boom, get a means to handle IndieAuth, Webmentions and the ilk on the fly — easily. That isn't so easy to do right now. I do think that I have enough plumbing in place to begin experimenting with setting up "hosted" instances on the test fleet.

You can download the first available release of Sele and Lighthouse from their respective release locations. Later on, I'll publish Docker images on the regular but the explicit binaries will be the best bet for now. You'll have to build it from scratch as well. I got far enough with these projects that I can begin working on the small fleet of systems that I'd like to have running to make this more "turn-key" for people. I do think I should try to push these out a bit more though.

If you do try them out, feel free to let me know how they work for you!

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