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I have some stuff that I'm giving away because I need more space. First world problems, amirite?

I have a few things in my home that I'm aiming to give away. Reach out to me using my e-mail or click the "I Want!" button to automatically do that. I have no problem giving it to people for free in the East Bay but I'll have to charge you for shipping if you reside beyond that area. Obviously, international shipping will also be very difficult so I can't do that — sorry!

TCL 40" D2700
A television that supports up to 120Hz and a 1080p resolution
I had this TV for some time but since I've moved, it's been stashed away in my office.
Samsung 39.5" 5-Series LED TV
A television that supports up to 60Hz and a 1080p resolution
This is another television set that's been in the home after a bit of reshuffling but now is no longer needed.
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