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Whose Your Landlord

A platform for reviewing your landlord and discovering places to live. I spent time working on making


The stack is a Ruby on Rails one hosted on Heroku. It involves tools like Sidekiq and the caching service Redis to handle long polling background jobs as well as intermittent information about transactions occurring on the platform.


WhoseYourLandlord, at the time that I worked on their project, is a Ruby on Rails application. A project I focused on there was improving rental listing discovery for renters as well as sanitizing address inputs for realtors who came in to claim a listing. The goal was also to make it more feasible to import hundreds of listings across the Web into the platform with relevant metadata such that on first viewing of said listing on the platform, it’d be likely to be the choice of the visitor.

Developer Centric

I also worked on improving the test suite for more predictability into changes made in the platform. This made my work a lot more easier. Adding acceptance tests also gave me the added benefit of seeing what the page looked like at each step and gave stakeholders a glimpse into what the end result would be like.


The following is grabbed from WhoseYourLandlord’s website:

[WYL is] giving renters ownership of their living situation by putting housing in their hands. Through landlord reviews, community insights, neighborhood engagement, and available listings, we’re ensuring that all WYL renters have a smooth and quality experience throughout their search and stay. For home providers, we’re providing feedback on ways they can improve, providing renter snapshots so they can better understand who they’re renting to, and we’re creating simple tools to seamlessly post and get rentals booked.