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Bylines & Background

The following information is provided as a cut and paste resource for media professionals and other interested parties. Please feel free to use it "as is" without checking with me first.

Jacky Alciné is a software developer that works with Web platforms leaning towards the back end platform. He works, however, as a full stack web developer very eager to experiment with new technologies whilst remaining very partial with providing platform support to as many users as possible. He also tinkers with technology that bridge the Web to physical hardware. Outside of software development, he's working to become a high school teacher that aims to capture, cultivate and assist in the development of youth and young adults. This education route will involve the heavy decolonization of the information presented to our youth currently to ensure a healthy Pan-Afrikanist approach to mental development is available.


Below are a few articles in which I've been quoted and/or referenced that are noteworthy to me: