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I keep a few ways for those interested in my updates to stay in tune with my activities. My newsletter is the best way, as it also gives you a direct line of communication with me.


My newsletter is a bimonthly curation of thoughts collected over time, things too short for a blog post and too useful for Twitter. I'd also add a few other fun things into them. There's over 150 subscribers currently following along.

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I keep RSS feeds of things I write on my weblog so you don't have to keep coming here to check it out. I also keep a list of the podcasts I've recently listened to as well as links I've noted across the Web.

Social Media

There's also these services that people use to keep in touch and stay "tuned in". I'm on there (a bit too much, to be frank). If you end up following me on Twitter, I strongly recommend turning off my retweets. I don't have a quarter million tweets for nothing.