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The tools of the “sauce” are referenced here! I strongly believe that we grow by learning from one another so here I lay out things that I use with or on this site, my work and other things that land here. It should go without saying; this is an evolving part of my Website.

This page is the living version of my interview with Daniel at Check out some others like Cher's, Andre's, Jillian's, Evan's, Alice's, Chris's, Matt's, Parker's or Eugen's — just to name a few! An epic example of a "using" page is that of Paul Stamatiou's Stuff I Use page — a rabbit hole!


As an attempt to become more of an avid reader, I make use of quite a few tools, both physical and digital. My main wants are:

  1. Portability: I should be able to read the content from anywhere, even without access to a network.
  2. Referential: It shouldn't be hard for me to link to content (either a cached copy or a quotation thereof).
  3. Archive Friendly: If it can't be kept to an archive (either personal, private or in the commons), I don't want it.

These objectives led me to using the following:


One of the questions that tend to find its way into a conversation once we're talking tech: "what computer do you use?". I do appreciate people who don't assume or buy into monocultures impressed on society by companies, so thank you for asking! I have three laptops, two of which I own and a third loaned to me by my current place of employment.

Primary LaptopARM LaptopWork Laptop

Primary Laptop

Codenamed sshock

I currently use the Framework laptop as my primary laptop of choice. It's a snug 13.5" that I can pop into my bookbag and its accompanying case with quite a bit of power. I do a lot of my initial project development on it and consider it my main machine. With my preferred operating system, I find it to be the most comfortable computing experience I've had. I also got a lavender dBrand skin to give it a bit of character— I find the sterile "silver" look to be very industrial. They have their reasoning but I think referring a recommended customization outlet would be great as well.

Pinebook Pro

Codenamed librarm

I'm a big fan of libre technologies as I see them as a way for anyone with a interest in technology a geninue and transparent means to see how things work. With that, I got the Pinebook Pro. I run different operating systems on it to see how performance plays against my other machines. It'd be inaccurate and disingenious to expect it to perform to the same level of a more modern machine. But I am consistently amazed at the speed and snappiness of the applications that I use on it. It has a lot of work left to be done on the firmware and from software vendors but it's a bright example of the future.

Apple© Macbook Pro

Only because my job currently doesn't offer the option of another machine, I've been provisioned an Apple Macbook Pro 13” — M1 edition . The keyboard's interestingly light to touch and remains relatively cool. That has been observed by making it hot in the easiest way - by running Docker. I don't have really much to say as I tend to use this machine in a "clamshell" state so comments on the hardware are limited. I also do find the operating system difficult to use (window management still wonky, SOL when things fails, etc).


Need to flesh out this bio but hey, I use them.

Primary PhonePinePhone

Nokia G10

I use the Nokia G10 for my personal use. Not much really to say about this device — it's durable (survived a few falls) but the screen's definitely cracked (as is the case for most phones with usage).


Codenamed roarm

Like I mentioned before regarding the Pinebook, I really like and want to promote technology that helps people. I bought the Pinephone with a fingerprint reading case and a keyboard case that gives it a Sidekick-esque vibe. My hope is to transition most of my mobile computing needs to this device.


It'd be a bit ridiculous for me to mention all of the storage mediums I use. So instead, I'll just mention the esoteric ones I use on a semi-regular basis.

Portable Encrypted Hard Drive

Portable Encrypted Hard Drive

I use the Aegis BIO 3.0 hard drive for things I want to keep encrypted (which should be everything, privacy is a right) and accessible to myself. It's on a conventional spinning HDD and uses my fingerprint to unlock. At half a terabyte of storage, I tend to get good mileage out of it. I keep backups of things I don't want to lose or leave unattended like clients' site and backups.

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