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2013: My Thoughts

2013 has come to a close.

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The thirteen year into the twenty first century marked quite an interesting year for me, personally. I’ve become more of a man that I have anticipated, done more than I intended to and made more connections and touched more people than I originally hoped for. In retrospect, I did lose a few friends and made some incredibly stupid mistakes. But the biggest thing I can take from this year in its remaining days is that I understand why it’s so important to be human; to have feelings and to be compassionate. But it’s also a stark reminder that people can be cruel, inconsiderate and straight up evil.

January’s the trickiest month of the year. Unknowingly, it and July define the moods of the year, in my opinion. It takes a month for a habit to settle, two for you to notice the deficits in it and two more to shake it off. I managed to shake off one of my worst habits: poor communication, but of course, this came too late.

In 2013

Got fucked over by a startup; picked up jobs at awesome companies. Learned more from February to May then I did over the last year. Made tons of new friends and got me a lot of tech. I made more progress mentally but not too much with my own personal project. This year was more so of learning how I could serve others. I taught young women and young men the preliminaries to writing web and mobile applications and pushing forward; it’d be the de facto means of getting headway into some self reflection on the fly.

In 2014

I plan to push out the first version of my biggest personal project for the initial phases of the whole thing. I also would (finally) have a proper means of a web presence as I’ve managed to consolidate a proper Web presence and would work towards pumping out a lot more content. Weekly blog posts are difficult but are very possible with a strict schedule.

I want to drop a few native mobile applications this year as part of my leap into more mobile application development and begin my return after a 3-year break from desktop application development after the first quarter. These are fueled by my prep for my personal project’s launch so better sooner than never.

I also plan to be less of a jerk. I noticed, only after the fact, how little I knew about things that I could have easily picked up and/or learned.

Doesn’t matter if I mention all of this if I don’t do it, so I’m starting today, the day before the New Years. As the 10th would have put it, allonsy!