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2015 - The Close

Another year in the playbook.

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Twenty fifteen.

The year I got angry :angry: about the intersection of schools and technology, a bit of self awareness, failed to tinker with new languages and convinced myself that side projects are good. Some other things happened like me switching coasts for work but that’s a whole separate post1.

The year that led to rifts with people so close to me and built bonds that may would last for decades to come :sparkles:. It started my understanding of what it meant to be an adult (which in itself is a constant learning process). One thing for certain, I see quite clearer than before, enough to a point where I realize the vision isn’t close to 20/20 at all.

Twenty FUCKING Fifteen.

I can go on and on about how much shit happened that legit made me want to just sit in my bedroom in New York and just read comics on my laptop to ignore the world. But we not finna do that in this here post. What I do want to say is thank you. There’s a tremendous amount of people I’d like to thank for 2015 and a lot of them I’ve only met once. But this year was a little too real for me to handle and just having some of the experiences2 I had this year and the welcome I got from my new squad. A lot of good shit happened this year and I’m going to ride this wave into 2016.

Please, no more YouTube rewind videos.

So long.

  1. Don’t expect that one any time soon. 

  2. I know, I’m being vague as fuck :joy: