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Reflection on 2015.

:pencil: by Jacky Alciné Jacky Alciné :book: an opinion post :bookmark: short-reads , temporal , affirmation :clock7: written :eyeglasses: about 1 minute, 348 words :link: Comments - 0 Mention(s) - Permalink

I started 2015 the way most people did, a little intoxicated, with friends and in a comfortable place. But as soon as I entered my first afternoon, I didn’t feel as easy as I did before.

I have big ambitions for this year. I’m expecting to get a first minor release of my personal automation project out, travelling to see extended family in person for the first time and finally> leaving the country for an indefinite period of time. Career wise, I think I still have a bit of flexibility, given that things work in my favor, but I’m really eager to learn about the world and build something that I can be overly proud of. It’s weird but I totally expected that Knob Creek to just fill me with a fire like none other. I wanted to somehow just know how to build out Wintermute or figure out the most efficient budget that’d allow for me to spend just enough to get the biggest bang for my buck when outside of New York City1.

I’ve gotten to where I am in life with loads of help from people around me. My family and friends have held it down like none other. Maybe I’m kind of forsaking it somehow, but that :fire: isn’t as strong as it used to be. With that said, my only hope for 2015 is to make that flame into an inferno. I want to close 2015 overly accomplished and in awe of how much I’ve done. I want to look around at the place I’ll call my own and just be like:

Damn. Damn, damn, damn

I’m done dreaming. This is my affirmation to myself to continue getting shit done, making strides down the road I’ve set out for myself and to keep moving. I might not be ready for 2015, but rest assured, when it’s over, I’ll be on top.

  1. Though I wouldn’t mind saving even more money now :smirk: