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Hold the henny, please.

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A lot happened this year. Granted, we had 365.25 days to do a lot of stuff. I can try to go over everything but ain’t nobody got time for that. What I will say is that everything I set my mind to has happened, despite it taking a different form from what I expected.

Music in Living Color

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Day 1 done.

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Afropunk’s the first music festival that I’ve attended in my life. It was pretty exciting to see so many people I’ve only really seen via video. I also ran into some many people that I knew from the Web but never had the honor of meeting in person.

Definitely check out and support The Fan Bros pod cast while you’re here.

Hiking with New Friends

Pamela marvelling at seeing the sunrise over the East Bay.

Pamela was in the East Bay and we randomly got up super early and took a hike. It was one of the many awesome experiences I had of meeting people online and then again in the real world. I forgot why she was in town - I think it was in relation to a conference. Granted, I couldn’t let Pamela marvel in this by herself:

When the camera man turns the lens to himself.

Working More

I began getting more serious about working on my freelancing sector of my life. It’s something I’ve done on-and-off to get my feet wet but it’s now become something I think I’ll invest more into in 2018. 2017 led to me working with products like ResumeLife among others.

Let me know if you wanna cook up something nice. My calendar’s closing up.

My want to experiment more with freelancing is to increase my footing in my portfolio’s breadth. I don’t keep a “portfolio” in the classical sense since most of my work has been more non-presentational and more infrastructural, although that won’t hold for work done at companies like Clef.

Solidifying my Home

Despite a rough (but necessary) split earlier this year, I’ve managed to make a space initially guided for two into a place comfortable for many. Understanding the balance in empty space and non-negative books1.

My home wasn’t the only thing that got cemented for me. The last Clef cooks really tore me up.

Clef introduced me to the Bay’s landscape of tech; something I’ll always thank the family for doing. I also rekindled and built relationships within Interact and within it, something I’m also looking for:

I built a family in the Bay over the last two years equivalent to that of what I feel when I land in JFK. That bond now anchors me to the Bay. 2018’s the year I begin to honor that anchor and grow with it.

Looking Forward

With all of that said and done, I’m aiming to give back more than I received. Last year, I was given so much. It made me feel so empowered but also weird -
I didn’t understand what I did to deserve all of the wealth I received. It took me some time to understand that it’s not about being worthy but understanding that this is what the world should be more like. A loving, warm place. We have a long way to go before that’s the case - since this question is still up for debate: Do Black lives matter?.

  1. Books, plants and the ilk. I don’t know if this is the correct term for it.