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I Did Something Different This January

Instead of hitting the ground running; I decided to stretch before going on my long journey.

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Every year since 2011, I told myself that I was going to try to run X miles, read X books or write Z entries on this site. Granted, I didn’t accomplish everything I set myself out to do - which is okay. The one thing I’m excited that I did do is was record my achievements.

Despite me missing some days of sleep (I did sleep - just didn’t properly record it), the target for about six hours of sleep. And I did a wish-washy job at it. Getting to sleep with a 2.5 hour commute and a lot of external commitments is an ongoing challenge that I’m working to solve. When it came to walking, there’s some days that the need to sleep bled into the morning routine1. There’s a slight correlation with that on the graphs above.

The takeaway? Go to sleep. Stop working late.

The Importance of Your Morning

The days that I had more sleep and got up earlier led to a lot of things:

At first, I stared at the list above and was trying to understand what about sleep led to these changes. The fact that I was getting more of the things I wanted to form into a habit kind of terrified me. It felt so easy. I isolated it to one thing.

Vision. By understanding the potential effects of doing something once, for a week and then eventually for a month; it seemed way more fathomable for me to do over time. This is important to note since I grew up in a lifestyle that made you only focus about today and tomorrow but never passed that. Being afforded the power to know that I can be okay for a longer period of time helped me build faith in the process; even motivation - the complementary essential part of this.

My particular vision is to literally be stronger than I am today. Mentally, physically, emotionally. That felt like something I can aspire to and it’s working. Do you have any tips or thoughts on keeping up morning motivations? Let me know!

  1. More like bludgeoned it; some days I didn’t even run.