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App Installs are Dying

I’m really about this WebASM tho!

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Reviewing Recode’s post on app installs, I totally understand why the author would even bother to write this. What’s the point of installing a new mobile application to your phone if everything you need is already there? It’s funny how this is pushed so much, the idea of the “end of the app” and the “rise of chat applications” and yet we continue to spend so much time invested in fueling platforms that are non-intuitive to the traditional “app” model.

Until seeing the presentation of progressive web applications by Addy at Google during Google I/O 2016, I was against the idea that web applications could ever compete with native applications.

Then a realignment of my personal ambitions for the Web and progressive web applications really hit me :sparkles:. The Internet, accurately, HTTP, is the most accessible form of interconnectivity that any device can provide granted that it’s equipped with a Web browser.

It’s a fun conversation to have. A few friends and I were speaking on the arrival of WebAssembly and the impact it can have for deploying applications on the Web. Imagine just doing a single download for Web applications to have them function like a full-flegded application! Android’s getting near that with the (anticipated) release of the AndromediaOS and Android Instant Apps.

Some interesting times!