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Jacky Alciné

I'm Jacky Alciné — an avid participant of the IndieWeb and all things open and social.

Live Streaming

I do my best to keep up a regular(-ish) schedule for live streaming. Whether it's me playing games, working on code or just having interviews. I self-host my own streaming experience over at live.jacky.wtf.

After a long hiatus, I'm planning to return to live streaming again on - aiming to do a stream around Micropub support in Koype.

I tend to go live every Sunday and Thursday evening from 6 PM PST to 8 PM PST.


It's the 21st century - we consume media. My only thing is that I aim to control how said information is used. I track as many things as I can as a way to own my experiences and data.

One day, this will be a dynamically updating region giving statistics about my content creation over the last day or so. It is not that now.