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Catching That Ride

One day, I’ll stop making corny titles for these job transitions.

After a moment of searching, I’ll be joining the teams at Lyft to make ridesharing more friendly and accessible for all.

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Today’s my first day working at Lyft! I was fortunate to have a incredibly short job hunt. I’ve begun looking officially for work on November 3rd. Working with friends to keep morale up and also juggle side work to keep things moving was a high part of it.

I appreciate all of the support I’ve received from friends at Clef in the hunt as well actors who kept the chin up and the books to my face. Interviewing gave me a chance to sit in a seat that I nearly forgot about. I have to say that interviewing candidates do have a lot of authority in their ability to define their ideal workplaces and that being confident in your skills, background and ability are absolutely a major :key: to career confidence.

I keep saying that I’d blog more and I will for real in 2017. I’ll be on it more often since I’ve had a lot of time to read; some mild reviews and “hot takes” on books I’ve been plowing through will be on here1.

My Objectives At Lyft

I’ll be working on making sure updates and notifications get to you in a fashion that suits the needs of both the driver and passenger! Keeping people informed about the real-time status of their ride is vital. That’s the daytime work.

My Objectives Outside of Lyft

There’s quite a few things that I’ve been working on with people to get moving and I’m really excited to announce them once they roll out the door. This is the cliche post about “wait for it” but for real though, wait for it!

Definitely a happy note to end the year on :smile:.

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