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My Blog’s Centennial

I didn’t expect it but my blog has 100 posts now!

I wrote one hundred blog posts. And now here’s another.

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I was finishing up a morning entry1 and about to begin packing my bag for the day. Before I left, I randomly ran this command in my terminal:

$ find src/_posts/ -type f -ls | wc -l

Of course, the astute reader would ask, “why not just use ls” directly? I have no reasoning outside of me just experimenting with different tools to get better at using the shell over overloaded GUI tools.

That sentiment - understanding the NLUI2 over re-learning different GUIs everywhere I go (macOS / OS X, Linux, CentOS) - feels extremely more valuable, intuitive and more transitive than attempting to understand the GUI and its operation.

It’s a random sentiment, but yes, 100 blog posts and counting. Maybe I’ll reach a thousand one of these days if social media doesn’t end up replacing blogs.

Who knows?

  1. Every morning, for about 10 minutes, I write my active thoughts into a text file and rsync to an encryted file system. Like a journal. 

  2. Natural language user interface