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Clawing Back Privacy, One Piece at a Time

Federation (or the act of self-hosting software) is getting more and more simpler with provisioning tools. Here, I mentioned some things I’ve set up for my personal server.

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I’ve spent some time every night working on a few in-house builds of software like cgit and ownCloud that’d allow me to have some control over software I’d like to use everyday like GitHub and Dropbox but don’t want to leave in the control of others. Of course, since not everyone wants to consider reclaiming their digital warehouses, despite it being increasingly cheap and easy to do so, I’ve had to take some considerations into allowing some “holes” into the system to allow people to connect to some of this data. Realistically, there won’t be much out-facing changes for those who tend to interact with me on a daily basis. I’d still be commenting on GitHub issues like a mad man and keep up the starring streak. Email might be the more tricky thing since I didn’t realize how many places I’ve thrown my email at1. The public facing version of cgit is over at http://git.jacky.wtf/ for those interested. I’m debating making some patches to it to allow for some more features like whole page templating and the likes, but if that doesn’t work, I’d begin to wonder if this would be a nifty project to implement in Go :grin:. Take some time and check out your Google dashboard if you have a Google account. Click the Expand button and scroll as you see how much information is collected about you. Things like the devices you’ve signed in from, the things you’ve synced into your Chrome browser and of course, your location history from all of your Google-enabled devices2.

  1. We need to fix this email problem fast

  2. I don’t think this is restricted to Android.