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I Brought Back Commenting On My Site

You know, comments aren’t so bad. I missed them.

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As part of my mission to get my website to align with my digital identity, I’ve opted to make use of Isso to handle commenting. I’ve enabled it for every blog post and to each of the FAQ pages. This way, I can see that feedback and fold it back into the site a lot easier. I’m a bit fortunate since I have my own infrastructure, I can just spin up this service easily.

The goal is to make the act of interacting with my content to be as low-friction as possible. Consider it a pilot that everyone’s opted into! There’s definitely a few things I wish Isso supported like

The benefits of using an open source, self-hosted-able project is that I can both fork it but also run and test said features I’d want and propose patches if maintainers are interested!

Looking Towards the IndieWeb

The end goal of this site is to eventually have something that’d look like what aaronparecki.com does data-wise. It’s going to take some time to get here and to be frank, I think I might even move the micro status facet of things to a separate service - that’s for another post. For now, you can catch that kind of content over on Mastodon.