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The ecosystems of the world are dying.
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Ending 2014 with a (Minor) Bang, Embracing 2015 with Open Arms

A bit of a recap.

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It’s about that time again here in New York. No snow touched the ground yet but commercials and adverts here make you feel as if a blizzard’s pending and the only good idea is to buy everything before you can’t anymore. Instead, I’ve taken time this month to reflect on the places I’ve been this year and see how I can get even more done in the upcoming year.

Personal Projects

If you haven’t known by yet, I’m quite obsessed with the concept of home automation, artificial intelligence and very specifically, the replication and building of an architecture similar to that of J.A.R.V.I.S, the personal AI that Tony Stark has with him. I have a project, dubbed Wintermute that’s meant to be the heart of the sub-system my version of said project would work on. Written largely in C++, it’s meant to be a relatively portable library that would be extended upon for a common sub-language between entities, be it a embedded computer or an application on a Chromecast. It’s overly ambitious, a perfect excuse to use whatever new technologies are out there and perhaps can touch a lot of aspects of programming. It’s my means of permanently increasing my breadth of knowledge, if you may.


I’ve been always one to take photos of places I’ve gone and attempt to capture my environment. Although (I think) Flickr didn’t announce it in 2014, their encouraging (and quite generous) one TB of image space lit a micro fire under my ass to take up photography yet again. Thus, on my last weekend trip to Los Angeles1, I took my handy Nikon L830 and whenever time permitted, snapped pictures of said environment. I even took home a souvenir! Traveling has been something my mom and dad always convinced me to do but I’ve been really bad about actually doing it.


I’ve managed to step up my literature game a lot this year. Especially with services like Goodreads and Oyster to make recording your reading progress as well as reading on mobile and laptop a bit more pleasurable. I’ve been in constant debate of rolling something similar to Goodreads but magnitudes lighter in design. It’d be something of a list keeping application; allowing one to just record books in multiple lists. Some of the titles I’ve read over and over this year include The New Jim Crow, an Iron Man comic and The Pragmatic Programmer. Diverse enough of a topic set, but all relating to things I value and enjoy.

Into 2015

It’s probably not a good idea for me to plan too sternly into 2015, since even I’m not too sure on what it might happen, but there’s a few things I’d like to get done. 2014 was my first year as a legal adult2, so having a full year to rampage across the world should be enlightening. Apologies for rampaging in your part of the world in advance3.

First Minor Release of Wintermute

Wintermute’s a pretty old project for me. It’s about four years old with no release binaries at all. A few reasons for this include school, work and the unpredictable nature of life. I have to admit though, a lot has changed with the project so the first minor release’s change log is going to be exciting to see. Realistically, it should be almost seamless then to get it working within virtualization containers like Vagrant or Docker for full-stack testing.

Dive Deeper into Hardware

It seemed a bit inevitable since Wintermute’s going to require a shit ton of information for it to be a irreplaceable aspect of life, but I’ve decided to formally take on hardware engineering as a complete n00b in February 2015. I’ve been pointed to things like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and the Hummingboard collection. I’m fairly confident that my landlord does not approve of one building a DIY lock, so things like that are off the list for home automation. It’s definitely a bit of a tossup in this category, so there’s time to pick something.

Compile A Picture-A-Day Album

This is probably going to be the toughest thing for me to do. But I want to capture not only a picture of myself for every day in 2015, but also of the places that I’ve traveled to that particular day. I’m debating on making either of them publicly facing, might do a compilation shot of sorts. The underlying purpose of the face capturing is actually part of a larger project (that has ties to Wintermute).

Ad Contra

2014 is done in my book, to be honest. This month is going to be spent cleaning up things I should have whilst doing other things (like living). Getting my cameras tided up as well prepping hardware for the next year is largely the goal for this month. Until next year! 👋

  1. This trip to Los Angeles was my first one to Southern California! Boy, was it great! 

  2. That should mean something here, but (from what I hear) Europeans get it good. 

  3. Not sorry. At all. w00t! 

Need a hand with tech consulting? I can help!
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The ecosystems of the world are dying.
Reduce your :pig::chicken: meat and :cow::goat: dairy intake to help the environment :seedling: .

This site is in the process of moving to Koype. You can view my instance at v2.jacky.wtf.