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Freelancing in 2015

Me transitioning into freelancing.

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I’ve been looking at quite a few places for employment and despite the amazing offers and opportunities that have come my way, I’ve had either bad luck or had to turn them down altogether. It’s okay for now as I’ve decided to fall back to a freelancer nature. I had a chat with someone with an interest in businesses and she made the compelling (not convinced though) stance that most developers tend to take on jobs that they don’t enjoy solely for the benefits of said job and then work on pet projects on the side to make up for lost passion at work. Initially, I almost agreed. If you’re an avid reader, you’d know that I’ve been working intently on a project of mine. The difference, I guess, with other projects that I’ve seen is that this project is what’s keeping me interested into programming.

Wintermute itself forced me to learn (more like read and try to remember) a lot about artificial intelligence, the cognitive sciences and a bit on human-computer interactions. If anything, I look to see how something in real life can be automated by means of a few requests to a remote system. But this is something that requires not only a tremendous amount of focus, energy and effort but more than one person to work on. That’s why I’ve decided to step off from the “corporate” sense of classical employment and take some time to do things on my own accord. It’ll require me to build up my portfolio all over but thankfully for having a strong enough network to bring clients in, I think it shouldn’t be that rocky of a year. We’ll have to see how things play out.