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Hopping Off, Opening Doors

A lot has happened in the last two weeks of life. I’ve entered funemployment, Good For POC is transitioning to being an open source platform and I’m launching a few more projects.

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Quite a lot is notable to mention in this update. For starters, I’m no longer with Lyft. Good For Poc is now open sourced and will be a core focus of mine these upcoming weeks. Also, a side project I’ve softly alluded is going to be launching in the near future among other things. I write about this briefly in my newsletter. You should subscribe.

After some time, I’ve parted ways with Lyft. The reasons are complex and the departure was bitter sweet but it was for the best. I learned a lot about working on hockey-puck-growth like teams and was able to bring things that I’ve learned into the environment. I speak more on the specifics of what I’ve done at Lyft on my resume. In conjunction to engineering work and as a fierce proponent for diversity and inclusion; I worked on Lyft’s Black ERG as a co-lead as well with as UpLyft Tech. These organizations gave me some really big ideas on how more companies could approach diversity internally as well; things that’ll be carried onto the next spot. That place could be yours. Let me know.

So Good For Poc is … Open?

Yeah! It was announced on our Twitter account recently:

We’re going from a statically generated Jekyll site to serving a SPA that communicates to a Sinatra application via GraphQL and a wee bit of REST endpoints. If that doesn’t make sense, that’s fine :grinning:. The most important thing is that Good For PoC is moving from a simpler infrastructure to providing the general community a place to determine how their company stands amongst the masses when it comes to diversity and inclusion. This also opens the door to a lot more opportunity; all of which will be announced in the near future.

This is also a great time for those looking to make their first contributions to an open source project, those interested in working on a social good project or both to sink their teeth into. Let me know if you have any questions.

What’s This About Projects?

So a product I’ve been working on for, well, close to two years now. It’s something that’s plagued me slightly since moving to the Bay and is totally a first-world problem. But it’s enough of a problem for me to want to build something for it. I won’t give all of the details here but those who are subscribed to my mailing list will know the moment I release the alpha to the public and be able to access it two weeks earlier than most. Not on the list? Subscribe here.

The most I’ll say is that it does deal with Twitter and tweets. That’s about it. Until then, you’ll just get this page for now.

I thank everyone who’s been here on my pretty rapid journey. Mentors, friends (new and old) and anyone who’s lent a hand.