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My laptop broke down. I wrote a short entry about how I went to fixing it.

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For about a month or so, my laptop was out of working order due to an issue with the DC jack. That’s the part of the laptop’s motherboard that takes power from your laptop charger cable to your battery, thus keeping your laptop up and running. I decided to take the cheapest and more educational route. I own a [ASUS K53E-BBR27 laptop][], so I ordered a replacement board. I learned quite a few things about laptops and their internals when I replaced the board.

  • When servicing your own machines for the first time, you will almost end up with “extra” screws. I’ve had this happen to me too many times during the numerous times I’ve opened up my bad boy and took him around town. I had to upgrade my WLAN card to incorporate bluetooth instead of me having to use a dongle. I also increased my RAM to 8GB thanks to the ever nifty 4GB DDR3 RAM card, thus giving my laptop some more thinking space.

  • The CPU of a computer is a LOT smaller than you’d expect. I held it in my hand and I couldn’t get around how this was the symbol of innovation in our day and age. And they get even smaller AND pack even more power. It’s really amazing how these things work! I had to remove it from the old board and move it to the new board, for some reason, I assumed the new board to come with a new CPU (whomp whomp).

  • Cleaning the internal components of your laptop make it less noisy (if it makes noise). My laptop rarely makes sound (from places other than the speakers), but I’ve found that after dusting out the fan and cleaning down the chassis a cleaner and smoother experience. If it doesn’t have to work hard to cool itself down and move dust out, it’s a happy camper.

There’s one thing for certain, this entire process of having to service my laptop by hand has further deepen my want to get more into hobby engineering, especially since it’s become very “noob” friendly in recent days. This will be most likely how I spend a considerable amount of my time in the summer; working on PCBs and understanding how to reprogram them to follow a will.