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I’ve Moved My Newsletter to Buttondown from TinyLetter. Here’s Why.

E-mail newsletters are very, very interesting systems.

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I’ve used TinyLetter for a while to handle my email newsletter. However, the UX of the site always felt a bit off for me to use. I ended up writing my messages in my local editor, having it export HTML, tidy that up a bit then posting that into TinyLetter for sending it off. That felt like a lot of work for just sending an email. There’s also the case that I didn’t want to have to use a Web-based tool to send and compose my newsletter entries. I don’t do that to write posts for this site - why should I with email?

Enter Buttondown

Despite my qualms about the editing experience with TinyLetter, handling the editor in Buttondown was way easier than I anticipated. I measure it toward the editor; it’s just a plain old text area region but not forced to look all ancient.

The notifications and event data that I receive from Buttondown also changed how I viewed handling email newsletters. The only downside is that all of my older messages are now unavailable to those who aren’t subscribed. I might import them to be on this site somewhere in the near future.

With this and the features listed on the site, I sat down and moved my mailing list over. It only took about 6 minutes to move the list of folk over and then another ten to update the necessary parts around https://jacky.wtf.

Better Experience

The end-goal is to have a better writing experience. I think that, so far, Buttondown is going to make this an excellent experience. Let me know if anything looks off.

A mission, if no one else has happened to do it yet, is to create a Vim plugin that’d allow me to edit and handle my Buttondown mailing list. This would greatly accelerate my ability to handle the newsletter. Or maybe a FUSE plugin. We’ll see what happens.