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My Blog on Blogs and Myself

Trying to understand what blogs are.

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I had this particular perspective about web journals (or blogs). I always figured that they had to have these long-winded and magical entries about whatever one might think them to be about; be it on fashion, technology or what have you. I looked to older blogs and noticed that they served more as a note keeper for one’s thoughts and helps the act of validation. So, I think I’d use this blog for more of that than me attempting to increase my vanity quota.

I’ve been in a bit of a need to see my thoughts before actually attempting to implement some ideas or just thoughts in general. There’s the risk of having this blog out in the open and since social media makes the discovery of information a bit more possible that I would have to “mind my manners”. I might, but good chance I won’t. I can’t see a good reason to censor or dilute my thoughts and opinions for the sake of vanity or the act of protecting an “image”.

The biggest things on my mind right now are personal projects and finding permanent employment and moving out of the gig lifestyle. I’ve fully resisted the want to go to college mainly because right now, it doesn’t have what I’d be interested in; and there’s so many more ways to learn things nowadays. The telephone’s been around for a century but we barely use it for its purpose (if it were to be used in its classic sense); but that’s my two cents on it.

Little side projects like plug-ins for Vim1 and C++ libraries2 are geared to accelerate the development of a focused project I’ve come to grow with, namely Wintermute. The original ideas for it were pure grandeur but I have a more distilled, feasible and probably more entertaining idea of it now (that to be in placed in a later post). If there’s one thing that I’ve been learning a lot that isn’t really preached enough, it’s that you learn best when you break something of your own. You pay more attention to things that matter to you due to the level of attachment to it you have. It’s weird, but it’s been working for me.

So far, the work life has been so-so. I’ve been doing a few gigs for clients that are typically internal (Intranet work and the sort) and it isn’t very front facing. The last thing that I did that’s viewable on the Web is mainly the Leap Motion integration to a little Sinatra app that uses the Tumblr API to grab images relating to Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. It was part of a hackathon hosted by Tumblr and I loved it; thought it was dope. I tend to choke a bit when presenting; but once I’m warmed up, I’m another cat up there.

This ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated and I even let my computer read it back to me. But the prose (right word?) feels right; it’s conversational and a bit archival, the real intent of this and others to come!