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My Self-Hosted Lifestyle

I’ve been hosting a lot of services that I used to rely on corporations to handle for me on my own server. It’s been way faster, reliable and enjoyable for me.

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For some time now, I’ve moved a lot of stuff that’s part of my personal routine into my personal server. After rebuilding Kandor, my personal server’s layout; I took to adding a few services that I’d find useful.


I use NextCloud to handle a lot of things that Google’s cloud file suite would offer. I don’t have collaborative documents - I don’t really use that anymore. Nor do I handle my e-mail; Google handles it well. I don’t agree that centralized email services are better since it goes against what email is meant to be.

The login screen is mundane, nothing really special. I have my instance set up with a few more steps for security reasons so I can use it comfortably from anywhere I’d like. Once I’m in, I can see the stuff I got lying around.

This reflects the layout I use in my top-most directory on my host machine. I link a few of the folders over so it’s a seamless experience for me whenever I manipulate files on my system. New screenshots? Uploaded. Downloaded a new PDF or ePub for reading on my tablet? Synced in a few moments to NextCloud and down to my device.

A lot of the tasks and actions one takes can be reviewed in the “Activity” app window. Since it’s only me on this instance, this feed tends to be a soft audit log for my personal use. It’s nice to see and check in - especially if I’m too lazy to open the app and see what’s synced; I occasionally just pop this open.

One of the applications within NextCloud I like using a lot is the “Notes” app. It’s ironic since I really only use it for viewing stuff on the Web. If I’m out or not in the mood to use my automatic note taking setup in NeoVim, I pop this open and begin typing away! Having it automatically handle things like lists and headings makes it a daily driver for me.

Out of all of the services within NextCloud that I use the most, the news reading application is definitely way up there. Not only can I handle RSS and ATOM feeds in here; I can handle my podcast subscriptions. This makes it very easy for to just pop some in when I’m on my way to the gym, cooking or just working on the computer and don’t want music in my ears.

All of these things from NextCloud as well as its ability to extend are things that keep me tethered to the service. I used to use OwnCloud prior to the forking. NextCloud has managed to keep the quality of service and software high without compromising on performance.


Wallabag is a super-simple, “do one thing right” kind of application. With a few browser extensions, it ingests URIs (link to blogs or what have you) and turns them into more simpler reading formats for later use. This is something I’ve done a lot but didn’t want to send out to other services to track and manipulate how I use and read information on the Web.

There’s not much more to say about this application. On Android, namely my tablet, I can read through my entries like flicking through pages of a newspaper when I’m at home, on the go or just looking to pass time.


PeerTube is a project funded by the same people behind Wallabag. I’ve been using it recently in a very exploratory fashion. The bulk of my uploads are recordings from my live streams or imported videos from elsewhere on the Internet that I’d like to keep.

I have some sort of curation going on. I guess? For now, I’ve been opting to keep a lot of the videos in the vein of imported from YouTube with crediting or something I’ve crafted myself.

That’s All!

I’m aiming to make this post the landing page for a /hosted page or something when I get enough time and handling around things. I try to help promote self-hosted solutions or just anything that isn’t heavily centralized to promote safety and diversity of the toolkits we have available on the Web.

Need a hand with tech consulting? I can help!
Learn more about how we can work via black.af .

The ecosystems of the world are dying.
Reduce your :pig::chicken: meat and :cow::goat: dairy intake to help the environment :seedling: .