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Introducing Kandor, My New Pet Server Infrastructure

I completely nuked jacky.wtf from low-orbit.

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I’ve been toying around with a new system setup for my personal server. I named the original one Krypton and it’s hit that point where I needed to send data elsewhere. I wasn’t sure what was stored on there and over time, disk space became next to 0. I actually took the entire server off-line for a few days1.

The Vision

I’m aiming to get more into the world of POSSE and the Indie Web in general. Despite being someone who works at a PDaaS company, I still believe that the producer of data is the only true owner of it2. This, unexpectedly, made me realize that there’s a LOT of things that one can do when they own and host their own systems. You have a lot more control over who gets to it and how accurate it has to be. I also can feel a lot more comfortable dumping more information in there.

Personal Website

https://jacky.wtf itself is hosted on DigitalOcean, by way of nginx & jekyll (to name a few tools). The new version of this site, well, is the same. The deployment of the site is different though. I used to use Mina to do all of the work. It’d be scp‘d up to my server and it’d handle all of the rolling releases. The last time I checked before I nuked the server, it was at 143 releases. Not too shabby. Now, I deploy it by pushing up to my Dokku instance using a Dockerfile that looks like this:

FROM node:9-alpine as node-builder

RUN mkdir -p /app/src
ADD src/package* /app/src/
WORKDIR /app/src
RUN npm install --verbose

FROM ruby:2.4.0-alpine as jekyll-builder

RUN mkdir -p /app/.cache

RUN apk add -U \
  git make gcc python-dev \
  linux-headers musl-dev \
  gsl-dev imagemagick-dev \
  build-base nodejs

ADD Gemfile* /app/

RUN gem install --update bundler execjs && \
    bundle install --binstubs

ADD . /app
COPY --from=node-builder /app/src/node_modules/ /app/src/node_modules

RUN bin/rake build:deploy
FROM nginx:stable-alpine

COPY --from=jekyll-builder /app/_deploy /usr/share/nginx/html


RUN ["nginx"]

To be honest, I wasn’t going to consider this until I ran across a blog post that mentioned how Docker supported multi-stage builds. That changed everything for me :laughing:.

Next Steps

There’s a quite of bit of software I want to have up and running on this server. There’s also the idea of me even making this blog not static anymore. Who knows? Some things I’m definitely entertaining are the following:

Do you have suggestions for applications and/or services one should look into using for a POSSE-focused, decentralized system? Is there an application you want to see in Dokku? Let me know.

  1. I put it back up because it unintentionally broke a bunch of links. 

  2. At the time of writing, my place of employment aligns with this idea too.